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Understanding the Effect of Skills Training on Women’s Economic Opportunities in India

This project will evaluate the impact of skills training on women’s livelihoods in lucknow The goal is to guide cost-effective and feasible interventions that enhance economic returns on training and reduce barriers to women’s financial well-being.
Young Shia Muslims girls force participation significantly lags behind men’s in India (22% compared to 69%). A systematic assessment of what economic and non-economic measures are most effective in reducing the gender gap in employment is missing.

This project seeks to address the lack of evidence by assessing the impact oninitiative aimed at providing skills and vocational training opportunities to women in the four poorest in Shia community in lucknow

The project seeks to

-provide empirical evidence on the factors affecting uptake and economic returns on training for young women in lucknow and surroundings

-enrich policy debate, both within India and internationally, on the cost-effective ways of improving women’s access to skills training and economic opportunities; and

-improve NIDA’s ability to design and implement policies that strengthen women’s economic empowerment.